Our forum groups meet monthly for half-day sessions. In addition, there are coaching and personal development components for our members.

Monthly Meetings

There are usually three components to every five-hour meeting:

Roundtable Discussion

Group members have the opportunity to share questions, updates, and issues and get feedback and fresh ideas from their fellow members.

Educational Component

Expert resource speakers or your Forum Leader delivers an Educational Component in most monthly forum meetings. These workshops are focused on business trends, strategic concepts, and management and leadership tools to help you be a more effective business owner. Some past topics have included: “Creating a Culture of Accountability,” “Building Your Personal Credibility through Nonverbal Communication,” “Supply Chain Management,” “Coaching Your Managers,” “Checklist for Sales Team Success,” “Hiring Slowly and Fire Quickly,” “DISC and Workplace Motivators Assessments,” etc.

Focused Executive

Every meeting, a different member gets a chance to go through a structured process called the Focused Executive. This is a peer review process of your business that allows you to gain insight and advice from your Forum members, drawing on their extensive knowledge and business experience. This valuable process produces the perspective you need to achieve the next level.

Strategies For Success Retreat

Once a year, we hold an annual off-site retreat. Always held at a four star or higher destination in California, the retreat combines personal and professional educational offerings with socializing and general R&R. Past topics have included:

  • Change the Way You See Yourself or Your Business
  • The Great Game of Business
  • The Breakthrough Company
  • PEAK – How Great Companies Get Their Mojo from Maslow
  • Now Discover Your Strengths.


You have opportunities to meet with Ron Penland one-on-one to receive direct input and advice on all aspects of your business. Just some of the assistance you can receive includes: preparing your Focused Executive presentations; follow-up on implementing your action items; review and development of personal and business strategic plans; identification of additional personal and business needs.


Executive Forum membership provides a wealth of information to its members through newsletters & publications & webinars; small business news updates; access to resources such as books, DVDs, CDs; one-on-one coaching available outside of the group meetings; workshops and seminars that can be offered to members’ employees; and several themed meetings focusing on a particular topic or issue relevant to today’s business owner.