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Renaissance Executive Forums Inland Empire is affiliated with Renaissance EXECUTIVE FORUMS, Inc., based in Denver, CO. The company has Forum groups in over 50 cities and ten countries throughout the Western Hemisphere. Our programs are designed to help Top Executives get from where they are now to where they want to be, both personally and professionally.

This affiliation provides Inland Empire organizations with resources, support, and connections to small business experts that keep our members on the cutting edge of new ideas and technology.

Together, the national office and the Inland Empire organization offer a variety of tools, training and support services to help our members reach their goals and achieve their vision. See Programs for details on these services. Ron Penland has won various national awards over the past decade which include: revenue growth leader, Key Executive program revenue leader and member retention leaders two years in a row.

The Value of Peer Advisory Groups

Renaissance Executive Forums brings together top executives from non-competing companies of similar size, into an advisory board process which helps leaders gain fresh ideas and new insights.

This form of Peer advisory has proven to be very effective in helping CEO’s and business leaders increase their effectiveness and their profits by gaining advice, support and insight from their peers who have faced the same challenges.

Learn more how you can take advantage of the value peer advisory process to help you work on your business rather than just in your business.

Ron Penland

Ron Penland